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1/4 100% Wool Fat Quarter Bundle 12 Warms


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MODA has WOOL Pre-Cuts!

Elizabeth has tested a set of these wool fat quarters and they felt up nicely.  It is important for all of you to know these have been machine cut and not ripped on the straight of grain as Elizabeth does when she prepares wool for felting.  They were washed on Med-Hot water and dried on delicate.  This is how Elizabeth felts all of her wool.  MODA introduced these to Elizabeth as Pre-Felted wool.  Her preliminary tests indicated to her it is best to felt them for ourselves just to be sure.  The shrinkage was minimal and they produce a good amount of strings because they are not ripped on the straight of the grain. When you felt these for yourself they will be more ragged than you are used to.

This is a fat quarter bundle.  Wool Fat Quarters start out as 18" x 27" and shrink some when felted.

If you do not want to felt your wool you can use a Fusible cotton product part number SF-101, to reduce/eliminate fraying.  Call Elizabeth if you have questions.