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1256025 BORO FLAX

The link below is excellent background information for the Boro Fabrics please take a bit of time to read it.

Perhaps because it was once a symbol of poverty it took a long while for boro’s beauty to be appreciated, but today it’s taken the textile world by storm. Aficionados appreciate its subtle unplanned beauty and collectors seek it out. The rise in popularity of visible mending speaks to an appreciation for repurposing, recycling, and seeing the hand of the maker in a finished project. Even high-end fashion designers find inspiration in Boro. Louis Vuitton featured boro jackets in his 2013 spring menswear collection and numerous models in the 2015 Junya Watanabe spring fashion show strode the runway in boro shirts, pants, and jackets.

Care Instructions: Increase the longevity of your fabrics by hand washing,
or on a gentle cycle in cold water with like colors using a fragrance free,
non-chlorinated detergent. Dry your fabric on a low/medium cycle or line-dry.