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We've Missed You!

 Good Morning Everyone,

We have missed you all, we hope that you all are staying safe during this pandemic. 

First if you and your family are looking for Face masks and haven't been making them yourselves.
Please refer to our Etsy site and check ours out.


Elizabeth's husband had a COVID scare. He was sent home to quarantine for 2 weeks. He stayed in a separate room of the house with his own bathroom, a microwave, coffee pot, sanitizer etc. He is fine and is now back at work but he kinda messed up our routine. The boys and I had been seeing Elizabeth once a week and we had to stop because we didn't want Xavier getting us sick or vice versa.

Lastly Elizabeth and I have been busy dyeing more wool and creating bundles. This week I'm highlighting our 4 bundles of our original handy dyed wool. Visit Savvyquilters to see all hand dyed wool and bundles.

Have a great day!!!!