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A Letter From Elizabeth & Other Info

Good Morning Friends,
I have a letter from Elizabeth that I am going to share with you. First I hope you are all safe and well during this COVID-19 Quarantine. As many families are effected by this we are trying to be positive and know together we will get through this. Personally my job has laid us off until further notice. My kiddos will begin their online learning Monday and the cat I rescued sometime back from Elizabeth's property, has finally gone out of heat. LOL. We are making the best with what we have as many families are and will continue to provide excellent service to our customers. Elizabeth and I also plan to dye some new wool this week so stay tuned for that!!!

Here is her Letter......

Good Day to Everyone,

I don't have a league of lawyers to draft a legal statement to you all about toe COVID-19 Virus. I can only tell you of my personal commitment to keep myself and my family COVID free and this extends to you and your purchases. I traveled throughout Texas during the months of February and March up until the cancellation of the Dallas Quilt Show. As a result, I have quarantined myself, I take my temperature twice a day (all have been in the normal range..... who ever said I was normal. haha), and have spoken with my doctor. I have always been a frequent hand washer... as those of you who used to shop in my store can attest and have been adding hand sanitizing frequently throughout the day. My fabric cutting area/ shipping area are sanitized each day prior to working in the area. Please don't give up on your small businesses we need you to shop to keep us viable for when we all return to our daily activities. Keep you and yours well.


SBA- Support of Small Business announced as a commitment to help small business to weather the COVID-19 Pandemic have been released to us Small Businesses in the form of loans from the SBA. As a very small business I was hoping for more in lost revenue.... I have never taken loans to support my business and have always worked very hard to keep it going and i don't believe now is the time to begin. Please shop and your other favorite stores as we need you now.

.......... Ok WEBGIRL again. We are looking for help in learning how to lead an online social stitch together! If you have any direction in such or have done one before if you could reply to this email it would be greatly appreciated. Please follow SavvyQuilters on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our products!
This next week we will be focusing on Wool Bundles.
Customers who have been to a show recently received my WEBGIRL coupon. (These coupons are for unlimited use.)

Have a wonderful Saturday