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Blissfully Busy Building Website

Blissfully Building Website

              Hey Everyone!!! I hope your having a great Saturday so far. This is going to be a short letter this week. I (Tara) have been busy adding more wool to Which is keeping me from doing my oh so boring house chores. (Oh, darn guess the floors will get vacuumed later, hahaha).

              I will update on a few things that have happened this past week and some future info while i am here though.. Soooo this past week Elizabeth added some new brush sets to the website.
              She also got the background fabric for That Town and Country quilt kits.

The MODA Wool also shipped this past week and will be available to begin shipping Tuesday March 2nd 2019.  So on a personal note Elizabeth will not being attending any shows in April. She will be spending time with her family. Her daughter is coming to visit from North Carolina. Sara (daughter) is a digital designer and she will be helping Elizabeth work on some patterns while she is here!!!!

(OOPS that cat is out of the bag, shhhh!!!! Maybe she doesn't read these newsletters very closely).

Lots of wool was added to the website and I will be adding more as fast as I can.
                                    Check out what we have so far Shop Wool .

Have a great weekend.